SHAREit Apk Download To Share Your files 2020

Are you bothered to share your files between Android, iOS or Windows platforms? OK, stop worrying now Lenovo has offered a great software for you called SHAREit. Now more than 800 million of users are using this fantastic tool around the world from 200 countries. Most users SHAREit Apk download for their device to receive and send files. Yes, it is no matter that you have a smartphone, Tablet or Desktop it is supported with the device. The application is more popular among lots of users, the reason is, you want to use any cable or wire connection to transfer your files. SHAREit creates a  wi-fi direct connection between the devices and shares the files very fastly. Yes, can you imagine, this is faster 200 times than the Bluetooth? If you are not familiar with this file-sharing app, I think now hurry to know more details about the app. So, here you can have a complete idea from this guide.


Actually, I want to say SHAREit is an amazing tool. With the help of this file-sharing app, you can perform many tasks in a quick and easy manner. No prefer the file type you can share contacts, image, movies, videos and more other file types. Therefore, if you need to shift from older devices to any newest device model or sharing files within friends use this tool. For your easy, the Application is available with more different languages including Arabic, Chinese, English, French,  Russian, Spanish and more other 28 languages around the world. And here you can see the main features of the application.

  • As I noted above it is faster 200 times than the Bluetooth and you can share maximum of 20M/s highest speed. Really, you can have the original file after sharing it didn’t create duplicate fewer quality files.
  • Do you want to share installed App, images or any other media files or any other file yes you can transfer them with the tool
  • Have you experience the trouble of network errors while sharing files, no need to worry within SHAREit you can transfer while whenever and wherever you need.
  • No matter what is the device you own. Whether it is a phone, tablet, PC or iOS, Android, Windows the tool can be used.
  • Want you to shift to a new device, OK, then you can revolute apps, contacts, MMS messages, music, SMS messages,  videos,  and other data with a single click.

After a quick look at the app sometimes you may prefer for the app. Yes, for your convenience we have mentioned the process and all other related facts about the tool. After that, if you wish to use the tool within your device, you can directly download the tool freely from the Google Play store. Also for your cushy, we have provided the Download link below.

How to use SHAREit Apk

Ok, now you know, SHAREit Apk is the app you can use to transfer your files to another phone, PC or tablet with an easy manner. And on the above link, you can download the app to your lovely android device. Remember before SHAREit Apk downloads to your device you need to enable the “Unknown sources” of the device. Then download and install the app on your device. After installing the app, you want to send and receive files. So, here the guide for you how you can use the app. But remember for send and receive files, both devices need to use the Apk within their devices.

  • At the beginning, both sender and receiver want to open the app
  • OK, now the sender can share the files mainly on three aspects.
    •  you can select the “Send” option on the app and then choose the files you want to share
    • Further, you can select the file you want to send and open the options for the file, select “share” and finally select  “SHAREit” as the app to do the task.
    •  If you share from the PC, then open the file location and then drag the file to the SHAREit App to send those files
  • Now the receiver can tap on the receive and wants to scan for the sender’s device. Yes, you can find it on the radar so, tap on it.
  • Now automatically the sharing process will begin. And just within a few seconds, you can have the files.

Actually, the file transferring process is easy when you practically follow it than reading on the web. So, try it today and enjoy the features. But if you need further clarification then you can go through the video guide. We have provided it below.

Is your device compatible to use the App

Yes, if you are not familiar with the tool then after going through this guide you may hurry to know that can you use SHAREit Apk Download within your device. OK, then here we have provided the compatibility list of the devices.

  • Android devices: If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet, then to use this app you want to have Android version 2.2 or above. But it is mostly recommended for 4.4 and the latest versions
  • iOS running devices: The updated SHAREit version is available on Apple App store and it is suited for iOS 7 or higher version running iPhone iPad and iPod touch
  • Windows Phone: To use the SHAREit Apk with your Windows phone you want to have Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8
  • Windows PC: Want you use the SHAREit Apk within your windows PC, Ok, then if you are with Windows 8 or above then you can use it. Further, you need to have minimal RAM with 512MB
  • Mac OS device: As like the Windows you need to have 512MMB RAM with Mac OS(X) all and higher versions

SHAREit Version history and changelog

Lenovo has introduced SHAREit Apk in China in June 2012. In the beginning, the developer focuses on the application and introduced more updated editions for their users regularly. And now for the phone users able to use the latest version SHAREit 3.7.8. So, here I have mentioned the latest version and some previous versions.

  1. SHAREit 3.7.8_ww APK (Updated: January 23, 2017)- Latest Version
    • 1. Added built-in video player to open received or local videos directly;
    • 2. Added App Manager to analyze and manage all the apps & apks.
  2. SHAREit 3.6.98_ww APK
    • 1. Added the Group Share feature. Group send or receive files by tapping the button on the lower part of the homepage
    • 2. Added the Space Analyzer feature in “Received” files. Exactly display and timely handle your mobile storage status, duplicate photos, and big files, etc.
    • 3. Enhanced some other performances
  3. SHAREit 3.6.92_ww APK
    • Supported pressing a file to open it on the Choose File page;
    • Fixed some bugs to improve transfer experience;
    • Supported sending text files by taking photos and also sending all types of files;
    • Enhanced the feed’s smoothness.
  4. SHAREit 3.6.88_ww APK
    • 1. Supported pressing a file to open it on the Choose File page;
    • 2. Fixed some bugs to improve transfer experience;
    • 3. Supported sending text files by taking photos and also sending all types of files;
    • 4. Enhanced the feeds smoothness
  5.  SHAREit 3.6.78_ww APK
    • Upgraded the built-in cleaning function. You can check the junk file status anytime.
    • Supported copying texts from received files.
    • Fixed several bugs related to file transfer.
  6. SHAREit 3.6.68_ww APK
    • Add the function of sending and receiving text messages
    • Support enlarging photos in the Received module
    • Optimize the file path prompt
  7. SHAREit 3.6.58_ww APK
    • Fix App crash bug with few phones
    • Fix the problem of some devices that receive pictures but don’t display in gallery
    • Add built-in cleaning function, release more storage space on devices
  8. SHAREit 3.6.52_wwAPK
    • Add the function of sending and receiving text messages
    • Support enlarging photos in the Received module
    • Optimize the file path prompt
  9. SHAREit 3.6.38_ww APK
    • Fix App crash bug with few phones
    • Fix the problem of some devices that receive pictures but don’t display in the gallery
    • Add built-in cleaning function, release more storage space on devices
    • Add Urdu version
  10. SHAREit 3.6.28_ww APK
    • [Ultra Fast Speed Mode]
    • If both the devices support this mode, the transfer speed can be five times faster than ever before! (Only devices with version 6.0 or above can create this mode)
    • [More Transfer Channels to choose from the settings]
    • Now you can transfer multiple files at the same time

Troubleshooting tips for SHAREit Apk

When you are using the file-sharing Apk within your device, sometimes you may face some kind of problems. So, within this, I have mentioned some noted problems and solutions for them. At first, you can aware of your device model and it’s compatibility with the application. Yes, perhaps, most problems will occur due to the mismatch of the Apk. If you face the problem device is not connected with the other and file-sharing remains stuck, his may cause if both devices haven’t the same app, and if it is, then check that receiver has enough space to get the file. Also, you need to disable the mobile data, Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi hotspots, and now try again.

The device does not connect with PC is another trouble, at the time you can disable the Antivirus program of the device for a while. Further, when you connect from PC to the mobile, the created hotspots will cause to the problem. At the time you can use your mobile phone SHAREit Hotpots to connect with PC. If your problem is not mentioned in here then you can write it to us. Actually, there may be some troubles related to your device model and the operating system version.

Developer credits

In earlier, most of the users are worried to haven’t method the sharing their files with others. Lenovo has recognized this problem and offer SHAREit Apk to support cross platforms in 2012. So, thanks to him now file sharing is not a mess. Now we can see there are so many alternatives applications are available on the field for file sharing process. But still, we can use this as the perfect solution.

Yes, if you haven’t use the application then try it today. You can transfer your files just a few seconds. No need to work with wired connections or internet problems. So, if you satisfy with the tool, recommend it to your friends. Also, you can leave your ideas in the comments section, to share tour experience with SHAREit Apk Download.

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